щучьий деликатес Yakutia

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Клёвая рыбалка / Hot fishing
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Краткое содержание видео

In this video, the host of the YouTube channel "Hot Fishing" demonstrates how to cook a delicious dish using big fish, such as pike, omul, chir, muksun, and nelma. However, they advise against using burbot for this particular dish. The host mentions that some people believe that northerners do not consider pike as a fish, but the host clarifies that they do and respect it.

To prepare the dish, the host starts by cutting out a specific part of the fish and separating it from the ribs. They also remove the caviar and carefully cut out the flesh. The liver is taken away from the fish, and the gut and stomach are cleaned. The host explains how to scrape the stomach so that the taste of the dish does not become bitter.

After washing the gut, the host cuts it into small pieces and roasts it on an induction cooker. They add salt and cover it until it is fried. The dish is then ready to serve, and the host suggests serving it with bread.

The host acknowledges that the dish might seem crazy and disgusting to some, but they encourage viewers to try it at least once. They also mention that this is a real man's dish and perfect for a snack or as an excellent dinner. If viewers are interested in learning how to cook meatballs or "sticks," they can find the recipe in the video as well.

In conclusion, the video demonstrates how to prepare a delicious dish using big fish, and the host encourages viewers to try it despite its unconventional preparation.

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щучьий деликатес Yakutia
щучьий деликатес Yakutia
щучьий деликатес Yakutia
щучьий деликатес Yakutia

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